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Our Story

Hazel is our rainbow baby. She was born on August 7th, 2017 at 9:17am weighing 6lbs, 8oz. She was absolutely perfect. Hazel gave us so much joy in our lives. She was smart, beautiful and kind. Everyone was immediately drawn to her. Fast forward to 2019, Hazel became a big Sister to Elodie. Hazel couldn't have been more proud to be a big sister. She loved Elodie with all of her heart. A few months after we had Elodie, Covid hit and everything was shut down. I don't know why, but this is the time that we decided to move from our decent sized house of 2.400 sq ft to 720 sq feet. It was a huge decision to make, but we did it. We paid off all of our consumer debt by doing this and it made us excited for the future. We moved to an area that is surrounded by lakes, mountains, and beautiful views. Hiking, swimming, boating, snowmobiling, you name it, we were doing it. We were always outside exploring and it gave us hope that our girls were going to have a beautiful life. that all changed though.

On August 17th of 2021, 10 days after Hazels birthday, she was involved in a tragic freak accident in our new home. our home that we felt like was a safe and happy place for our children. A home that wasn't our forever home, but gave us hope for building our dream home. Our world has been shattered ever since. We lost the love of our life, our bright light. Elodie lost her sister. We lost our future. We lost everything and our world will never be the same. 


What Now?

We want to help and support other families going through the loss of a child. We have found that there is not a lot of support for grieving families as a whole. We not only want to help the parents, but siblings, grandparents and extended family. The Newfound lake area has a lot to offer and we have high hopes that we can offer nature-based healing along with so much more. 

Green Forest


Our vision is to host weekend and day events for moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, etc. We will offer support tailored to the type of events being held. It will always be different, but always healing. 

Our huge goal in sight is to build a retreat that includes personal cabins for each family and or person to relax in and have their own personal space. 

Woman Walking in Forest
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